Thursday, 6 May 2010

A4E 'All 4 Emma' - Money for Old Rope!

According to a recent update by A4E (aka 'Action4Employment') of the 30,000 long-term unemployed who have been press-ganged into attending their 'Flexible New Deal' course, only 2,630 jobless have been supported into work since the scheme was launched six months ago. In an interview with the Guardian on 30th April, Emma Harrison - the CEO of the company, told the paper:
"It`s too early to measure the scheme`s success but I`m excited about the fact that 90% of those in jobs are staying in them for 13 weeks or longer - around double the level on the previous scheme." 
Last year A4E secured a 5 year £800 million contract to help run New Labour`s Flexible New Deal Scheme.

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