Friday, 14 May 2010

News from Spain on the Trade Union reaction to the government's austerity plan

Translation official CCOO

Given the harsh Government's adjustment plan "CCOO TRADE UNION DON'T DISCARD ANY STAGE OF MOBILIZATION" Democracy loses, the Market wins. The Market executives, the managers of the speculative economy, the Central Banks chiefs. All of them haven't been chosen by citizenship. They have grown up in the shadow of power, the murky business of financial capitalism, or simply they have been designated by the Executive. They are the same people who caused the root of the worst economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression and was accompanied by a radical liberal agenda (casino capitalism, unregulated market, speculative economy) and emerge again as a guide looking for the end of the crisis. "Those who caused the crisis mark the way out now," complains Toxo (former leader in CCOO). On Wednesday 12 May, President of the Spanish Government presented at the Congress an adjustment plan, bowing to market pressures and the European Union (EU); hitting pensioners, public employees, dependents and unemployed people. A package of measures obsessively directed to reduce public spending, while ignoring the necessary initiatives to increase revenue. One plan won't help to revive the economy and create jobs -indeed, recognized by the Government himself- and it will destroy the slight upturn in the economy, it will contract the consumption and it will make the recession longer. The stop on public investment ratifies this diagnosis.


The european dimension of this economic and financial crisis has led to plans for adjustment at the European Union. But they have been late, and these adjustments has earned the rejection of workers everywhere. CCOO Public Area (Federation) will propose to the rest of the CCOO Trade Union organization movements that will culminate in a general strike in ALL public administrations (Government, regional and local).

From Emy of National Shop Stewards' Network

El Pais headline today reports Spain's 'Unions have limited their protest to a strike of civil servants' on the 2nd, June.

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