Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Election: Everybody loses!!!

IN THE race in Through the Looking Glass the Red Queen declared 'everyone had won', but in the elections on the 6th, May, it was as if there had been a Black Queen who determined that 'everyone was a loser'. Even the election of the first Green MP at Brighton Pavilion didn't change the fact that the Greens got less votes than the BNP: who, in their turn, were crushed in their own most favourable areas. Even the anarchists with their 'Don't Vote' campaign couldn't claim success as the national turnout went up. The Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) all but disappeared from the political radar and George Galloway failed to get a seat for his Respect Party. Meanwhile, the Labour Party was clearly defeated and the Tories didn't win either; doing particularly badly in Scotland and Northern Ireland. And yet, the Scottish Nationalists made no headway either, and the Lib-Dems lost seats despite popular poll ratings.

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