Monday, 10 May 2010


THE motion before this coming Saturday's TUC National Conference of Trade Union Councils in Blackpool, from Greater Manchester Association TUCs is as follows:
'Conference notes the exposure by the Information Commisioner of an illegal database/ blacklist managed by Ian Kerr and his subsequent conviction for this in July 2009 in the Knutsford Crown Court.
'Conference calls upon the TUC to seek to urge a future government to place legislation on the statute book that amends the Employment Relations Act (1999) to make all blacklisting illegal, where companies seek to deny employment on grounds of trade union activities, or industrial action, when these stoppages are the result of safety concerns by the workforce or refusal to undertake voluntary overtime.
'Furthermore, any regulations should provided automatic compensation to any worker who has been found to have been blacklisted and that once a blacklist is found the workers' affected should have an automatic right to be informed of the fact. also any regulations drawn up should be done so to specifically exclude the possibility of 'back door blacklisting' under the guise of devious recruitment practices.'
Greater Manchester County Association TUCs

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