Monday, 27 February 2017

'The Guardian' comment on Copeland

Published Tuesday, 28th Feb ‘17, The GUARDIAN

Copeland voters are most worried about jobs, their main employer is the nuclear industry. They could see it had no future when a Chinese company stopped negotiations for a local buy-out. That deal would have been bad for our energy bill payers because we would have no control over pricing such electricity. But it was the last hope of a Government that will not commit another penny to

Labour’s mistake: ignoring the job opportunities to replace that industry; wind and tidal power, solar energy, heat extracted from the ground and better use of methane. Also the thousands of long term jobs needed to de commission such plants. 

The nuclear industry is paid for by taxation. But all that public money is only going to in one direction, preventing “green economic growth” 

Private investment follows public money into industry. Present policy stops such progress.

Martin Gilbert, 

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