Saturday, 25 February 2017

Blacklist FILM appeal

THANKS to all of you who have made a donation. For those that still plan to, there are 4 days to go.
Dear All,
I am having a final push for donations for the film Blacklist by Lucy Parker. If you are able to make a small donation or distribute this request, we would be really grateful. Sorry to ask!!
Kate (and Lucy)
0781 306 2595
City Projects
46 Brooksby’s Walk
London E9 6DA
Blacklist Film: Final push for donations
Lucy Parker and City Projects have been working on the film Blacklist for over two years. We have raised £28,000 towards production so far and we need a further £12,000 by the end of February to go into production, to make a work that will do justice to the research and that will be able to adequately draw attention to the blacklist case.
There will be a special screening for all donors with guest speakers, and so a £10 donation can be seen as a ticket to this event. Please donate today! Larger or smaller donations also welcome.
Follow the link at to make a donation, and please tick the gift aid section if you are an individual UK tax payer to give us an additional 25%. 
Whilst we would prefer that this film was publicly funded, we have exhausted art and film funds, as the former has few options and the subject matter is too political for the latter. The film has relevance to all of us, looking at the immediate effects and wider implications of the construction industry blacklist. It will introduce new audiences to the blacklist case and be made freely available to campaigning groups.
We have so far received funding from the Arts Council England, Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust and from many Unite and Unison union branches, and individual donations. We have also received funding and support from Jerwood Space and Rhubaba Gallery during the research phase.

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