Thursday, 23 February 2017

Blacklist Support Group Report

1. Blacklisting debate in Westminster parliament
Well done Chuka Umunna for using a Westminster debate in parliament to
call for a public inquiry into the blacklisting scandal

Blacklist Support Group hold their head in shame after being praised
by a Tory government minister

Full transcript:

ETUC calls for more legal protection on blacklisting:

2. Haringey council protests
Huge demonstrations organized by unions and community groups took
place last week in the London Borough of Haringey against the decision
by the council to work with the blacklisting firm Lend Lease
(previously Bovis) in a £2billion regeneration scheme. Blacklisted
bricklayer and Tottenham resident Keith Dobie spoke on behalf  the BSG
reminding councillors how their new corporate partner had a history of
blacklisting back as far as the Economic League but more recently in
Australia their anti-union antics saw trade unionists threatened with
jail for peaceful picketing, including the friend and comrade of the
BSG, Bob Carnegie’s-“reckless-privatisation”-plan-ahead-critical-council-meeting-protest

3. Spycops
Powerful new spycops film (very short):

Met Police destroy evidence and ask for further delays to Pitchford
public inquiry into undercover policing

Spycops in Ireland
Paul Murphy TD names UK spycops operating in the Republic during
debate in Irish parliament:
Victory for campaigners in Northern Ireland court:

4. Shrewsbury Pickets & Grunwick
John Pilger documentary (1975) about UK conspiracy laws used to clamp
down on dissent especially in Shrewsbury trial.

5. Employment rights legal victory

6. Blacklisted workers take on Paul Nutall in Stoke
Blacklist Support Group went on the campaign trail against the UKIP
fantasist Paul Nuttall in Stoke this week - Lee Fowler and Jimi Kindri
Roy Bentham interview

5. Dates for the diary where Blacklist Support Group will be attending
with our banners:
Save the NHS national demo - London
Sat 4th March

Orgreave - Make Some Noise demo (flyer attached)
2pm Monday 13th March

Durham TAs strike - Solidarity Day
Sat 25th March

Spycops protest - Royal Courts of Justice
Wed 5th April

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