Monday, 6 February 2017

Ian Allinson on Unite Nominations

THREE weeks in to the five-week nomination period and we know of 33 nominations so far, but at least one has been disqualified and probably many more will.
To be sure of getting on the ballot paper we need to redouble our efforts, particularly for workplace nominations - if your branch covers more than one workplace then each workplace is entitled to make a nomination too. There is updated guidance on nomination meetings etc here:
The other key step to ensure a real contest is to ensure that all the paperwork for nominations has been submitted accurately and promptly. If your branch or workplace has nominated me, please check that it has been sent off and that you have had an acknowledgement from Electoral Reform Services. I'd be grateful if you could let me know progress on submission and acceptance of nominations so we have as accurate picture as possible.
There are still lots more nomination meetings taking place - please send in details of any you know of. I'm planning to visit Stevenage, London and the West Midlands this week to speak at some and visit workplaces. This will include three meetings with Fujitsu members (not all nomination meetings) as we have a national industrial action ballot opening on Friday. If you're near Heathrow or Manchester Airport (T3) please show your support for members at BA Mixed Fleet fighting poverty pay and the two-tier workforce that resulted from the 2011 deal.
This week some women members produced a statement welcoming my release of the report on the treatment of women officers in Unite. They are asking other women in Unite to add their names too.
The best argument for Len McCluskey is Gerard Coyne. This article provides some useful points to address people's fears about "splitting the vote" and letting Coyne in. If McCluskey genuinely believed the right could win the election, why did he trigger it in the first place? If he is genuinely worried about the impact of media support for Coyne, why won't he agree to livestreamed hustings in every region? We could enable thousands of members to join the debate without filtering it through a hostile media.
Finally, we still have plenty of leaflets left. Let us know how many you want and where to send them. If you provide a postcode we can also suggest workplaces you could visit. Even if they have already nominated, this is a chance to discuss key issues facing members and how together we can make Unite a stronger and more effective union.
Ian (Allinson).

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