Saturday, 12 November 2016

U.S. Syndicalist Comment on Trump & Hillary

Dear friends,

If you would like to know some of our thoughts, for what they are worth ...
Don't mourn!  Do not attach yourself to the destiny of other people!
Hillary Clinton could have saved the country from impending disaster, simply by withdrawing from the campaign late last winter.  All of the normal indicators then demonstrated that Mr. Sanders had become a very viable candidate (the sheer amount of monies collected from ordinary people to support the Sanders' campaign; the incredible numbers and diversity of people attending his rallies; the simple fact that Bernie had no problems of character (unlike both Trump and Clinton).  For much of the campaign it was clear that Hillary's efforts were not focused on winning.  She was tired.  She was absent-minded.  Self-absorbed, she wanted to win but she did not want to struggle to win.  She refused absolutely to learn new ways of doing things.
Wikileaks and other sources revealed that the Democrat Party machine was not even fair with Mr. Sanders.  The DFL machine in Minnesota, especially, cannot learn anything new; they just keep repeating their limited rituals from out of the past.  Always, they are obsessed with nothing but 'control'.  They are the worst example of machine politics in the country today.  How do they stave off the inevitable collapse?  They can't, and they won't!
Mr. Sanders was the first person in national political life in the United States since the 1930s and 1940s to openly use words like 'socialist' and 'socialist democracy', and to do so in positive contexts.  Considerable numbers of people had no problems with his efforts, thus putting the big lie to all the secret 'socialists' and secret 'communists' of several generations.  What did Proudhon and Kropotkin say about acting in our own right, and in our own name, and for ourselves?
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two Center-Rightists portraying a ritualized dispute, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, after furious verbal battle set down their weapons and quietly agreed to “peaceful” and friendly transition of 'power'.  It doesn't matter to either of them; one thoughtless Center-Rightist is as good as another!

We are witnessing the malaise of late-stage capitalism.  It is nothing but a spectacle of dysfunction and chaos.  Trump, the first truly Imperial President, the new Caesar, the new Bonaparte, proposes to accomplish what Aaron Burr, in the long ago, could not.  Many people will suffer greatly as the extreme Center-Right experiments with their 'new' vision of a “new” Utopia, a plebeian and élitist if not fascist Utopia.
However, even in the time of Hitler or Stalin, people could still think and act creatively and positively in the world.  Do not allow yourselves to become demoralized or depressed!  (That is the real devil; not Trump!)  Act and think for yourselves!  In the collective context of social responsibility, act and think now for a better future!
I'm sure you will find many opportunities in the near future for constructive direct action.

In solidarity,

The activists of SAN (Syndicalist Action Network),

in the U.S.A.

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