Monday, 14 November 2016

Jonathan Cook's view of US elections

sent to Northern Voices from Trevor Hoyle:
Jonathan Cook's perspective on the US elections:
American liberals unleashed the Trump monster
By Jonathan Cook, published on Jonathan Cook, Nov 9, 2016

The Earth has been shifting under our feet for a while, but all that
liberals want to do is desperately cling to the status quo like a life-raft.
Middle-class Britons are still hyper-ventiliating about Brexit, and now
middle-class America is trembling at the prospect of Donald Trump in the
White House.

And, of course, middle-class Americans are blaming everyone but themselves.
Typifying this blinkered self-righteousness was a column yesterday, written
before news of Trump's success, from Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland,
Britain's unofficial stenographer to power and Washington fanboy. He blamed
everyone but Hillary Clinton for her difficult path to what he then assumed
was the White House.

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Hillary voters: stop calling everyone a Nazi and start reading Wikileaks
My Facebook news feed is somehow still full of people trying to blame Trump's
election on a nationwide collusion of Klan members and male supremacists and
on the progressives who refused to fall in line and support Hillary Clinton.
This insane adamant refusal to confront the reality of what's happening in
this country will kill the Democratic party if it doesn't change

If you still believe that Donald Trump was elected because of racism, it is
because you have remained willfully ignorant of what has been happening in
your country. If you still believe that Trump's election is indicative of a
neo-fascist uprising in America, it is because you have not ventured outside
of your self-reinforcing validation loop of fellow Clinton voters and your
corporate media echo chamber. If you still, days later, think that Hillary
Clinton's loss is the fault of anyone other than Hillary Clinton, it's
because you haven't been reading WikiLeaks.

  Letter: It's ignorant to vote for Hillary Clinton without reading

  - Denver Post Opinion (@denveropinion) November 2, 2016

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