Thursday, 23 April 2015

Richard Griffin reply to Chris Draper's critique

Jez.  I don't know where to start in respect of what you have written about me - 'a useful idiot'!  This is your answer to the FACT that my writing on the subjects I did for Freedom (and The Raven for that matter) undermines your whole argument that the paper closed off non class war contributors. You really think the collective used me as a cloak to mask its evil intent!?  I wasn't the only person to write on non class issues. 

I love the idea of you slagging me off for issues I didn't raise or was even asked to address (like a critique of AF).  I am not going to bore people with detailed responses to this rubbish other than this one.  You have a go at me for not offering an analysis of why Freedom failed.  Well you know what I wrote one and you know who for?  Jonathan Simcock and Anarchist Voices

I knew responding to you would be a mistake.  You are not interested in honest, constructive debate just twisting confirmation bias.  I thought anarchists were better than that. 

Sorry to anyone else whose inbox this nonsense is cluttering.  I wont respond again. 

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Anonymous said...

You send an email to Brian Bamford and he publishes it on the internet. What a fucking cunt