Saturday, 25 April 2015

Letter from Natalie Benett Green Party

Over the next few days in the run up to May 7th we would like to sum up what is really at stake for the country at this election – please forward this on to any undecided voters you may know, who share your views.

Hello Mark (Hollinrake),

This year the most important climate talks in history will take place in Paris.

Leaders from around the world will come together to decide the world’s course of action in addressing the most important issue of modern times.

​Yet, despite the looming threat of a climate crisis, during this election you could be forgiven for thinking that the threat had lifted.

The truth is, politicians from the other parties simply aren’t speaking about climate change. In fact I was the only party leader to raise the topic during the three and a half hours of Leaders debates.

You and I know both know that the science is unequivocal – fortunately we have the plan to tackle the crisis.

The Green Party is the only party calling for the urgent action required and at the heart of our pledge to protect the environment is our conviction that we must also reconfigure our world to work better for people.

We will cut public transport fares – because everyone should be able to afford to get to where they want to go – and because the air pollution caused by cars is a crisis that must be tackled.

We will invest in home insulation – because no one should fear family members getting ill or even dying from the cold – and because we want to cut carbon emissions.

We will generate 80% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030 – because we know we must leave four-fifths of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

We are using three times as many resources as our planet can sustain - we must change course, and we can.

I, like you, want to leave a better future for our children. I want the next generation to look back on what we did at this time and think ‘my parents generation did something to protect our world’. I want them to be proud of us. 

To keep climate change on the agenda and to continue our fight for social justice we must elect more Green MPs.

We can do this if we have a strong Green voice in parliament - but we need your help now more than ever with a Green vote on May 7th.

Thank you,

Natalie Benett
Leader, Green Party of England and Wales

p.s. Please share this email with someone you know who shares your concerns and urge them to vote Green on May 7th or if you have been forwarded this mail please add your name at

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tonydj said...

I am sorry, but I regard "Climate change" as a SCAM. It is an "Emperor's new clothes" story designed to coerce gullible governments and people into accepting higher prices and de facto fuel rationing. The Green Party have in the past put their names to some ludicrous ideas, a party document in 1989 postulated a policy to reduce the UK population to 40 million. This is now quietly forgotten about.