Thursday, 23 April 2015

& Iain McKay's Misplaced Critique!

BELOW Iain McKay addresses an e-mail to me in which he gives me
too much credit.  I can only assume that has responded in
such haste that he has failed to notice that I am not the author
of the critique on which he exercises so much passion. 
The author of all the critiques about 'Who Killed Freedom'
is clearly Christopher Draper who lives in Llandudno, and
though Mr. Draper writes for Northern Voices he is, as any one who
knows him will realise, very much his own man.  Iain ought to
understand that the words Northern Voices is in the plural, and
 is not one of those smelly little orthodoxies in which everyone speaks in chorus.

Dear Brian,

I'm sick and tired of your petty insults and smearing good comrades -- I also don't appreciate you twisting of my words.
Here is what I actually wrote:
'And what of "Total Liberty"  ?  If this analysis were accurate then that should have gone from strength to strength.  If I remember correctly, it became 'Anarchist Voices' -- does that still exist? I can find issues up to 2010 on-line.  It looks like it "lost its way" long before Freedom did...' compare that to Brian's 'Flaunting his ignorance, McKay celebrates the demise of the magazine "Anarchist Voices", which "lost its way long before FREEDOM did" but I can reassure Iain that it’s alive and well...'

The bad faith and dishonesty is clear. ' Flaunting my ignorance'... oh hum.  I guess that my going through the 'Freedom' archives from the 1880s to the 1960s to produce a Peter Kropotkin anthology amount to nothing... as does my reading of the paper from the late-1980s -- so I have 'flick[ed] through copies of FREEDOM before 2001.  Rest assured, the Freedom of the 1880s to 1930s was class-struggle focused, was communist-anarchist -- even if it opened its columns to others (and why not, if the articles are of sufficient interest and quality).   It is interesting to note that a single quote from 1919 apparently overturns the self-proclaimed communist-anarchist position 'Freedom' had from 1886.  Its recreation in the 1930s was also on this basis.  This did not exclude other anarchists writing for it -- as did other anarchists after 2001.  Something I have noted many times but which Brian fails to acknowledge.

So, all in all, I'm not sure why you are doing this Brian -- all you seem to be achieving is alienating people. Your insults on Richard Griffin are disgraceful (he is no 'useful idiot' and to suggest so shows you do not know him).   I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve by these poisonous emails -- given what you have written about me all I can say is that I would suggest that your readers take everything you write with a very large pinch of salt.   All in all, I really do have better things to do that reply to obvious distortions and insults. 

If you want to help build the anarchist movement in the UK, well, that would be good but, to be honest, it does not look like you want to do that -- if you did, you would not be writing such nonsense.   For the other people cc-ed into these bile-filled emails, if you want to do something constructive then please consider getting involved with Black Flag -- like the 'Freedom' Kropotkin helped create, it is a communist-anarchist journal. If that is not your version of anarchism, get involved with something more suitable for you (apparently 'Anarchist Voices' is still going).

Iain (McKay)


Anonymous said...

Contrast the two authors mentioned here:

Iain MacKay

The Anarchist FAQ, biographies of Proudhon, Bakunin etc, etc

Christopher Draper:

Author of 'Llandudno Before Hotels', 'Walks From Conwy' etc ad nauseum

I think that speaks for itself

Brian Bamford said...

Anonymous asks us to '..Contrast the two authors mentioned here:'
He then gives us Iain Mackay's Grand Theorist studies of Proudhon & Bakunin etc, etc as examples of what we ought to be interested in. While he thinks he has scored a telling point by telling us that Draper has only been the author of 'Llandudno Before Hotels', 'Walks From Conwy' etc ad nauseum.
I haven't read any of these books, but I venture to say that if I was planning to go to Conwy or Llandudno Chris Draper's books would be the more useful.
It is the clearly inflated views of anonymous that are disturbing, suggesting as they do that the study of great theorists is more valuable than something more empirical like a walk in the woods or the countryside. This is a disease of someone who lives more inside their own head than in the real world.

Public Eye said...

Simon Saunders is labeled in the current Private Eye 'a young thruster' who as editor of Freedom had the effect of running Freedom 'into the ground'. Simon has a habit of hiding under the cloak of 'Anonymous'. Simon Saunders's record is not good and he has hardly covered himself with much glory at Freedom Press in the last 10 years.