Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blacklist Updates

1. Ed Milliband speech to Scottish TUC this week:
"In days gone by, people didn’t have the right to join a trade union. 
And were thrown out of work if they campaigned for better rights.
But today, we still have the odious practice of blacklisting.
Contractors, companies who block and blacklist those who have a history of trade union activity.
I will not tolerate that in the country I lead.
So that is why we will have a full inquiry that is transparent and public into blacklisting.
With one purpose and one purpose alone:
To put an end to blacklisting right across the United Kingdom.
And throughout the history of this movement, you have fought most of all for people’s right to work."
Blacklist Support Group welcome Labour's public commitment to a full inquiry into blacklisting. If Ed Milliband becomes PM in May, we will be knocking on his door asking for a full public inquiry and asking to be involved in drawing up the remit before it begins. 

2. Special Branch spied on union activists, General Secretaries and MPs at Wapping dispute

3. Blacklisted book - Tour dates this week

Sun 26th  - Bournemouth - (1pm) CWU Conference with Billy Hayes & Trish Lavelle 

Tue 28th - Liverpool  
1pm - Workers Memorial Day event - South Piazza George Dock Building, L3 1DD
6pm - Jack Jones House, Unite offices 
after-party Casa Club

Wed 29th 
1pm - Liverpool - News From Nowhere bookstore
7pm - Leeds - Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds,LS3 - with Pete Shaw, Sandy McPherson, Merrick Badger

Thurs 30th (6am) - Teeside, Wilton Centre,  TS10 4RF - in support of the #PaytheRate protests

Fri 1st May (7pm) - Kings Arms, Salford - with Colin Trousdale, Steve Acheson, Tony Jones, Graham Bowker 
Book launch & May Day Celebration    

4. Blacklisting of construction workers in Australia 

Blacklist Support Group

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