Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Talk About Bullshit Baffles Brains!

NO sooner had Simon Danczuk MP won what the Rochdale Observer described as the 'Oscar of Westmister' for his sterling efforts to out one of his predecessors Cyril Smith than he was named by the Sunday Times as producing the politics book of the year. 

The Rochdale Observer says the award 'recognises several years of work uncovering the dark secrets of former Rochdale MP Sir Cyril Smith...' 

That must be 'several years of work', prudently well after Sir Cyril Smith died in 2010, and couldn't then sue our Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale.  Our Simon is not so simple as all that!  Several years too after he was seen in Rochdale Town Square applauding the unveiling of a blue plaque to Cyril Smith in October 2011.

The report in the Observer also says;
'He was chosen by a panel of political academics, as well as Peter Kellner, president of pollsters YouGov, and the BBC's Today programme presenter Justin Webb.'

Which only goes to show to what a low level political science in this country has descended.

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Anonymous said...

The sour grapes of wrath Brian?