Thursday, 4 December 2014

Labour Party Cover-up Claim

ROCHDALE lad, Les May, in a letter to the Rochdale Observer last Saturday claimed that the Rochdale Labour Party had covered-up the early transgressions of Cyril Smith at Cambridge House in Rochdale, while Cyril was still a major figure in the Labour Party. 

Mr. May wrote: 
'As (I) pointed out some weeks ago Mr. Roger Chadwick has gone on record to say that he gave documented evidence of Cyril's activities at Cambridge House in Castlemere Street to the (then) Labour agent in the 1960s.'

He then continues:
'I can find no evidence that this was acted upon which suggests there was a cover up.'

Roger Chadwick made the revelation that he had spoken to some of Cyril Smith's victims in a left-wing journal this Autumn.  In this same journal he revealed that he had also taken the sworn statements of some of the victims to the police.

Simon Danczuk continues to ignore this evidence which doesn't fit his narrative that the Liberal Party must bear all the blame for what happened. 

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