Monday, 22 December 2014

Liverpool Against the Cuts Motion:

MOTION from Old Swan Against the Cuts for Liverpool Against the Cuts meeting 10 December

We continue to oppose all the cuts in local services: adult social care, support for mental health, children’s centres, swimming pools. We oppose any attempt to privatise public areas such as the parks.
There should be no deterioration but improvement of all current library services, maintenance of the infrastructure and day to day running to ensure no cuts and no staff lose. No to a programme of death by a 1,000 cuts because of starvation of funds. Now it’s time to take Liverpool from the grasp of those who support austerity: the Tories, Labour, Lib Dem or UKIP, and give the city back to the people. With this purpose we will be standing in the elections in May 2015 and call on all groups fighting the cuts to do the same.
We ask Liverpool Against The Cuts to work with all anti-cuts groups to call a conference to deepen the fights against the cuts and to encourage anti-cuts groups to stand in the elections on a social and political struggle basis.

* No to privatisation of libraries! No volunteer run libraries! Keep all libraries public!
* No reduction of opening hours. No loss of staff.
* End all zero hour and precarious contracts
* Against cuts in any local service what so ever
* Defend all council and public services.
* Restore the benefits safety net
* End all benefit sanctions and cuts 

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