Friday, 21 November 2014

Sneer As We Go!

Emily Thornberry Quits Shadow Cabinet
EMILY Thornberry, who until yesterday was the Labour Shadow Attorney General, packed in the job after a snobbish tweet of a photo of a terraced home with a white van outside and windows draped with the cross of St George flags.  She said that she had 'never seen anything like it' after tweeting a photo of the terraced home with a white van outside.
Ms. Thornberry was born in Surrey to Cedric Thornberry, a Visiting Professor of War Studies at Kings College London.  Educated at the University of Kent, she went on to practice as a barrister specialising in human rights law under Michael Mansfield at Tooks Chambers.  Interestingly, she joined the Transport & General Workers Union at the same time she began practicing as a barrister in 1985.
She was nominated for Stonewall Politician of the Year in 2008, after she spoke up to defend the right of lesbian mothers to have access to IVF treatment.  In the same year 2008, Ms. Thornberry claimed, according to her Wikapedia entry, that almost every child in Islington had been mugged at some stage.  This was denied by the Metropolitan Police as 'speculation', pointing out that out of a population 180,000 only 750 people under 18 had reported being victims of mugging in 2007.  These comments by Thornberry were seen as a hinderance to the Labour London mayor Ken Livingstone's re-election campaign.
Thornberry was appointed  Shadow Attorney General in October 2011, and she has won praise for being 'very sensible and pertinent'.   

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