Friday, 21 November 2014

'No Royalties' from book on Cyril Smith

EARLIER this month Simon Danczuk declared that he had 'recieved no royalties for our book on Cyril Smith...'  He was reacting after a complaint was sent to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards claiming that the Rochdale MP had failed to fully record fees and royalties for the book he wrote with his aid Matthew Baker.  It is not clear if the absence of royalties means that the hardback book about Cyril is not selling well, or simply because of the way the administration of royalties for the book is conducted by  the publisher. 

Mr. Danczuk defensively admitted;
'...I have recieved serialisation fees from DMGT (the Daily Mail and General Trust) plc and this has been duly declared.'

He also went on to say:
'I have made donations to a number of charities since receiving this fee.'

He did not name any of the charities to which he had contributed, but it is known that in April he failed to respond when asked to contribute to a children's charity in West Africa.

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