Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Phil Chamberlain and Dave Smith issued the following statement:

'We regret to announce that our contract with Pluto Press to publish the book: Blacklisted: The secret war between big business and union activists, has been terminated by mutual agreement with no ongoing liabilities remaining on either side.

Six years of investigative journalism has produced a finished manuscript that names and shames those who orchestrated and colluded with the blacklisting human rights scandal. 

We are currently looking at a number publishing options and are 100% confident that Blacklisted will be published before next year's general election.'

The co-authors also sent the following tweet via the Twitter account @blacklistedbook:
'Regretfully, contract with Pluto for "Blacklisted" ended by mutual consent.  Options being considered to ensure publication before Gen Election.'


bammy said...

That's a bad blow! I know from Derek that you had suffered the odd solicitor's letter over this project, but can you tell me was the 'mutual decision' based on commercial, legal or political considerations?

'D' said...

No injunction but a fair bit of interest.

The decision was more about logistics relating to the date of publication.

Got copy of your pamphlet today