Monday, 3 November 2014

Sheila Knight's Confession?

ELECTRICAL contractor Drake & Sculls famously blacklisted their entire workforce following the Jubilee Line, resulting in hundreds of electricians facing years of prolonged periods of unemployment and financial hardship in the middle of a building boom.
According to evidence given to the parliamentary Select Committee investigation, the person responsible was Sheila Knight (pictured above) Director of Human Resources at Drake & Sculls (now EMCOR) who sent a memo with names and national insurance numbers of her workforce to industrial relations managers of other blacklisting firms. Prior to working at Drake &Sculls, Knight had been the Assistant Director of ACAS (for real - seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up).
Sheila Knight now runs two consultancies; Synatus and Anderson Knight Associates, both providing specialist industrial relations expertise to big business and is also a visiting lecturer teaching Masters Students at the University of Reading.
Funnily enough, Sheila Knight's Linkdin profile doesn't mention her expertise in blacklisting: 
Protest against Sheila Knight
University of Reading
11am Tuesday 4th November
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