Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thailand & Turkey's Labour Disputes

We've just had some great news: The IUF campaign targetting KFC Thailand which we told you about a few days ago has succeeded in stopping management from threatening and harassing union leaders. (The IUF's short statement is here.)

Online campaigns work, and we can celebrate our win in Thailand -- but the struggle for justice and dignity for workers continues elsewhere.

A Turkish company that produces advertising displays for businesses in the USA, Germany, Denmark and elsewhere, has fired 45 workers -- because they dared to join a trade union. The company, M&T Reklam, did this even though the Ministry of Labour had recognized that the union represented a majority of their workers. The union -- DİSK Birleşik Metal İş -- together with IndustriALL Global Union has called for an online protest campaign to pressure the employer to reinstate the sacked workers:

Please take 30 seconds to send an email to the company and to some of its key customers to bring worldwide pressure to bear.

And then please spread the word in your union.

Thanks very much.

Eric Lee

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