Friday, 6 June 2014

New Council Leader under pressure

QUESTIONS continue to pile up for the new Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell; as to if he knew anything about the child sex abuse scandal at Knowl View, when he was last leader of the town council between 1986 and 1992. 

Councillor Farnell has told the Rochdale Observer:
'Any suggestion that I would be involved in a cover up of events at Knowl View is outright nonsense.  Although it is 22 years since I was last leader of the council, I am certain that allegations surrounding the school made to health and council staff in the seven months towards the end of my leadership were not brought to my attention.  I ceased to be leader in May 1992.'

Also, though Simon Danczuk M.P. for Rochdale has expressed concerns about the current investigation by Rochdale Council into Knowl View, Mr. Farnell has told the Rochdale Observer that he 'totally supported' the council's review into Knowl View, which is being led by Neil Garnham QC.

At present there are two separate and new investigations by the police and the council into Knowl View, and into whether the earlier reports results were deliberately hidden.  The police claim they are looking into 21 suspects including the former, now disgraced, Rochdale M.P. Cyril Smith.  Rochdale council is considering if there was a cover up of the abuse.  The Council enquiry is expected to report towards the end of July, and the council won't comment before this.


Rasstrelnikov said...

Is this the same Richard Farnell who was the Dr. Goebbels (propaganda minister)of Tameside Council. This former member of the Trotskyite Militant Tendency helped to promote the sell-off of council housing in Tameside. He was then a press officer for the council and a big mate of former deceased Labour council leader, and Ashton freemason, Roy Oldham.

No doubt there is a lot that Farnell would like to conceal about his shady past and unsavory predilections. But as the leader for Rochdale council 1986-1992, he's bound to come under intense public scrutiny for what he did or didn't know about child sexual abuse in Rochdale during this time. With its ongoing (Cyrilian)sexual scandals, Rochdale is fast becoming the sodom and gomorrah of the North West.

Anonymous said...

It's the one and only Richard Farnell. Bless him.