Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I was a junkie, says Simon Danczuk

The Lumpen-Proletariat is not what it used to be!

'I'M from the under-class, really aren't I?', said Simon Danczuk in an interview in the New Statesman, last week.  And in The Sun on Sunday he admitted to taking ecstasy and cannabis. 
The Sun on Sunday reports 47-year-old Mr Danczuk has confessed to taking Class A pills several times and smoking marijuana a couple of times a week in his younger days while at Lancaster University.  Mr Danczuk's confession came after his ex-wife Sonia Milewski spilled the beans to The Sun on Mr Danczuk's drug taking whilst they were married.
It seems that a very bitter Ms Milewski, who has two children with Mr Danczuk, spoke to Rochdale Online at length in 2010 about her marriage to Mr Danczuk making allegations of drug taking during their marriage, but then asked Rochdale Online not to publish the then unsubstantiated allegations after agreeing a divorce settlement with Mr Danczuk.
Mr Danczuk has told the Rochdale Observer that when confronted by the allegations of his ex-wife by The Sun of Sunday, 'I decided to be honest'.   He added:  'It's worth noting there are some inaccurances in the story and it does not tell the true story.'
In the 1980s at Lancaster University, where Danczuk studied Sociology, the Sociology Department was influenced  by the post-modernist Scott Lash, who later went to teach Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College at the University of London.  Mr. Lash has since written papers on the power politics of hegemony in which he argues that what he calls 'extensive politics' has been 'progressively displaced by a politics of intensity'.  In Rochdale today Mr Simon Danczuk has played no small part in introducing us to 'a politics of intensity', indeed not since Cyril Smith ruled the roost as long ago as 1992 do we seem now to have had a kind of Pied Piper politics in the town.
The Danczuk regime is now giving us the Politics of the Absurd to delight and entertain the public and media, and I suspect we can expect more of this madness in the months to come.

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