Friday, 2 May 2014

Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

Hi Northern Voices,

The story of Rubin 'The Hurricane' Carter inspired the 1975 Bob Dylan song "Hurricane" and in memory of, Rubin Carter, who died on April 20th, the Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival will be screening the Oscar nominated, The Hurricane, the 1999 biog picture directed by Norman Jewison and starring  Denzel Washington.

"A mesmerizing drama about the potent force of small incremental doses of hope."

The festival is organised by volunteers and funded by numerous small donations from across the spectrum of our broadly left wing supporters. 

We are still fund raising even as the event approaches, which is a bit scarey, so any help you can give will be much appreciated and anything from £5 upwards will make a real difference.

 You can donate on our Sponsume page here.

 Or donate directly via Paypal here.

 The inaugural Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival will run alongside the main Tolpuddle Festival and launches with an exclusive pre-release screening of Still The Enemy Within and will be theming the festival on mining and Trade Unionism in honour of the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Miners strike.

“I strongly support the idea of a Radical Film Festival at Tolpuddle. Films can bring in new ideas, new perspectives, new voices. As trade unionists we urgently need to re-examine our attitude to the existing parties. We need real political representation and to re-discover our militancy. Films that reflect struggles of working people can be a spur to action”  Ken Loach

Yours Hopefully

 Chris Jury & Reuben Irving

 Festival Directors, Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival

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