Saturday, 31 May 2014

Blacklist & the party manifestos

EVERY political party is now going through the process of drawing up their manifesto for the 2015 General Election. John Cruddas MP for Dagenham is in charge of the Labour manifesto process.
Blacklisting has been debated in the UK, Scottish & EU parliament, the Welsh assembly, in council chambers across the UK. A Select Committee investigation has called for action that has been ignored by the present government. There is irrefutable documentary evidence of a major human rights conspiracy involving multinational companies and the police. Lots of politicians have offered us sympathy - we are drowning in sympathy - now is the time for action. 
Everyone can help the blacklisting campaign by raising the issue of blacklisting with your MP, prospective candidate, your union branch or local political party.
Whichever political party you support or have influence with - now is the time to contact them, before the conference season and before the election manifesto is finalised. 
Blacklist Support Group want to see the following demands appear in election manifestos:
  • Public enquiry into the Consulting Association blacklist scandal to expose the full conspiracy
  • Make blacklisting a criminal offence with prison sentences for the guilty parties
  • No public contracts for any firms previously involved in blacklisting unless they apologise and pay compensation (as called for by Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation)
  • Retrospective statutory compensation scheme forced on the blacklisting firms, with compensation set at a punitive level to fully reflect the human rights violations
  • Direct employment & anti-blacklisting procedures written into all public contracts to ensure blacklisted workers are able to get jobs.

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