Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Benefit Justice & Bedroom Tax

ANTI Bedroom tax and benefit cuts campaigners across England and Wales are meeting 7 June in Manchesterto decide our next steps to beat the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts:

Scottish Bed Tax Federation, Owen Jones and MP Linda Riordan (who voted against the Welfare cap) invited; DPAC and trade union speakers; plus legal session on how to stop evictions, and on benefit sanctions and workfare.

Make sure you're there, and your group sends people to hear what's happening across Britain and decide what we do next. We need plans to keep politicians under pressure on Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts in the election year.

What you can do now:
* Send suggestions and proposals for the event * let us know who's coming *ask unions and others to help pay for travel *bring photos and reports

Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice national meeting:
7 June 12-5pm Central Hall Oldham St Manchester M1 1JQ. 

Eileen Short
Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation (England and Wales)

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