Friday, 25 October 2013

Waving White Flag at Grangemouth?

ON the 23rd October,  Philip Stott of Socialist Party Scotland (CWI) wrote on the Socialist Party website a post entitled 'Grangemouth: a fight we can't afford to lose'.  Today Len McCluskey  who the Socialist Party backed for leadership of Unite is waving the White Flag of surrender.  McCluskey  is now quoted as saying:  'There is nothing humiliating about negotiating plans to ensure jobs and communities are safe'.

This is despite the campaign of marching together culminating in a Unite rally on the 20th, October in which Philip Scott on the The Socialist website writes hundreds of union members showed the 'determination of workers not to accept the bullying tactics of Ineos and its billionaire owner Jim Ratcliffe' and the dispaching of paid Unite activists and organisers to Grangemouth in the last few days. 

If this is a defeat for Unite it will come at a bad time for British trade unionism and should encourage a rethink on trade union strategy in future. 


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