Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What Went on with Man in George Tapp Case?

NORTHERN Voices this morning rang the Greater Manchester Police Press Office to ascertain what had happen to the man, named in the Manchester Evening News as Micheal Collins, who was scheduled to appear in Manchester Magistrates Court on Monday the 21st, October.  The police Press Office told us today that they weren't privy to information regarding court appearances, but the Manchestester Magistrates Court ought to know the outcome and gave us the telephone number.  The Voices has attempted several calls to the Magistrates Court this morning, but has yet has not been able to get a response.  We would welcome any information regarding the outcome of this hearing which may have been a committal proceeding.  Previous to this hearing George Tapp has told us that he was not required to attend the Court for this hearing.

We are giving this report because we note that there has been a large number of page-viewing on our previous George Tapp postings in the last day or so.


bammy said...

Michael Collins (is that really his name?) appeared at Manchester Magistrates on 21st October, the case will go for committal hearings on 27th January at Crown Court.


hope this is useful!

From a contact on the Salford Star.

Barrie E said...

Hello Brian,

Having spoken to GT [George Tapp] very recently, Michael Collins (unfortunately named) was referred to appear to the Crown Court in M/cr. on the 21st January 2014. I will get this confirmed for you.

George is to have a benefit night twinned with another cause at the Saffron on Cheetham Hill road,in late November. I think that's o the 21st too, but I'll confirm.

Keep Well,

Barrie E.