Sunday, 20 October 2013

Police watchdog says Special Branch colluded in blacklisting!

               Blacklisted worker Frank Morris

We are publishing in full the latest mailing for the Blacklist Support Group.

1. Blacklist Compensation Scheme

No compensation scheme can be signed off without the agreement of blacklisted workers. And our only concern is to get the best possible settlement for blacklisted workers and fight to fully expose the conspiracy. Without our agreement, there will be no deal. And BSG will not agree to anything without fully consulting every blacklisted worker involved with the campaign. Despite announcing the proposals in the press, no-one from the compensation scheme has so far contacted the Blacklist Support Group to discuss the issue but we will be part of the talks soon enough. From the discussions that have taken place, the following items have been raised:
  • Every individual on the blacklist should be compensated regardless of dates or circumstances
  • If a blacklisted worker has died - then their widows or children should be entitled to compensation
  • No gagging clause - we still want a public inquiry
  • A matrix should be used to calculate compensation based upon multiple factors (rather than a schedule of financial loss, which is virtually impossible to calculate over so many years)
  • Guaranteed jobs for blacklisted workers on major projects
This is our starting point. If after negotiations, no deal is good enough, then we will be going back to the High Court.

2. Police Collusion

3. Blacklist debate in parliament today

Glenda Jackson MP managed to secure an adjournment debate and got one and a half hours debate on the floor of the House of Commons. Multiple calls for a public inquiry. Conservative Stephen McPartland MP said he will help set up a cross party group of MPs on the issue.

4. Crossrail Blacklist Victory Party
That's the way to celebrate a victory. Absolute banging night out. People came from as far away as USA, Scotland, Wales, Liverpool, Manchester to have a dance and raise a glass to Frank Morris.

Absolute bloody hero. Great work Frank Morris - thanks for the party

5. Mark Thomas
TV comedian and activist Mark Thomas has just found out he is also on the blacklist. Get that man a Blacklisted T-shirt fast

6.Steve Acheson Appeal Fund - this is to save Steve's home
Please send those donations to Fiddlers FERRY HARDSHIP FUND, C/O Warrington Trades Council, 6 Red Gables, Pepper Street, WA4 4SB. Many thanks.

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