Monday, 28 October 2013

BYRONIC BLAST from 'Better to have loved...'

Gerry O' Gorman's Rock Band: Homage to Burnley Clarets   
THIS Thursday, 'Gerry O & the Flat Back 4's' will be rendering eleven songs inspired by the fans and players of Burnley the Burnley Mechanics Theatre starting at 7.15pm.  Gerry O' Gorman,  told Northern Voices that he is looking forward to the gig as he has supported the Burnley Clarets since he was a lad living in Bacup and first went to Turf Moor in 1968.   

Now living in Castleton, Rochdale, Gerry contacted the Voices having located issues of significant interest to him on this Blog such as the Sophie Lancaster case, Cyril Smith and the problems in the building trade such as the blacklist.  This Thursday he will play and sing alongside Tom O' Gorman and James Gansler as The Flat Back 4's – a band specially put together for Thursday's concert.  
The versions of songs are based on songs that sounded over the years on the Longside terrace of Turf Moor.  In this work is a bit of Rock n'Roll Byron commemorating the romantic poet's Rochdale links and 'The Night I Met PJ' – put together after Gerry met the 1960's legend PJ Proby in Bury.  
Gerry told the Rossendale Free Press: 
'I wrote the “Better to have loved..."  because I'm a songwriter, musician and Claret's fan who wanted to try to convey some of the drama and emotion in following a team like Burnley, who are often the underdog and rarely win any trophies but retain an incredibly loyal, optimistic set of fans.'  
The gig is on Thursday, October 31st, from 7,15pm.  Tickets cost £10 with some concessions, and are available by calling 01282 664400.  Gerry's CD 'Better to Have Loved...' is available via:  

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