Monday, 2 September 2013

Unite asks members to oppose Zero Hours

Make your voice heard on exploitative zero hours contracts
MPs will debate the issue of zero hours contracts on Wednesday 4 September.
The rise of zero hours contracts in the workplace is the latest attack on workers’ rights and dignity. Put simply, zero hours contracts cover a range of arrangements that mean workers have no guaranteed weekly hours or income, and don't know what they'll be paid from one month to the next. Unite wants to challenge employers to end the exploitation.
  • "There’s no security in the contract, I don’t know what hours will be expected of me week to week.” Care worker, North West
  • “We have no legal rights as workers at all and no benefits. That in turn means we earn below the minimum wage (£5 per hour) and have a 20 hour trial period at £2.50 per hour.” Call centre employee, South East
If we are going to force politicians and employers to bring an end to this practise, we need to keep up the pressure that’s been building.
So we need your help.
We’re asking you to email your MP ahead of next week's debate and call on them to speak up against zero hours contracts.
Unite has made some clear recommendations that we know would help end exploitation of many zero hours workers, they are:
  • drop the steep charge for employment tribunals (one of the only ways workers can pursue justice);
  • define zero hours workers as employees with all the legal protections that accompany this;
  • require government to use its purchasing power to wipe out insecure employment from all state contracts.
Please follow this link and contact your MP .
Make your voice heard today and help end zero hours exploitation.

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