Monday, 2 September 2013

Tory twit wants national service for young people! Bill gets second reading.

A Private Members' Bill (PMB), which asks the government to pass a law to reintroduce national service and conscription for young people in Britain, will get its second reading in the House of Commons on 6 September.

The 'National Service Bill' is being sponsored by the Conservative MP for Kettering, Philip Thomas Hollobone. Although the bill has not been published or been debated in the House of Commons, when it got its first reading on 24 June 2013, says:

"National Service Bill 2013-14. Mr Philp Hollobone, supported by Mr. Stewart Jackson, presented a Bill to provide a system of national service for young persons and for connected purposes."

Hollobone (born 1964), has been the Conservative Party member for Kettering since 2005. He was a former corporal in the Territorial Army and is a special constable with the British Transport Police. He was educated at the London public school, Dulwich College, and Lady Margaret Hall Oxford, where he was a member of the right-wing Oxford University Monday Club.

While Private Members' Bills, often have little chance of becoming law, this particular Bill seems to have slipped under the radar and has not received a great deal of media coverage.Only recently, Hollobone moved a PMB which sought to restrict the wearing of the burka which the Tory twit described as like "going round wearing a paper bag over your head."

A petition to stop the national service bill has already been launched, which says:

"We the undersigned do not want our children and grandchildren to be forced to undertake military style training or conscription into the military for any reason that is not voluntary. It is unacceptable to force any person to engage in military training and or actual service in the military without their guardians express permissions. We do not want our children and grandchildren to fight and die in wars, or in training that they or we have no control over. we ask that the Private Members Bill, the National Service Bill 2013-14 be rejected and that our government reassure us that military style training, or service will always be a freedom of choice and not a system of conscription imposed upon UK citizens, especially young people."

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