Thursday, 19 September 2013

HOVIS workers strike against zero hours contracts. Three arrested on picket line!

We are publishing below a statement we have received about the strike at Hovis in Wigan:

"Strikers who work for Wigan Hovis,  have called for a mass protest at 2 to 2.30 am tonight ( on the night of Sunday into Monday ) as the lorries leave the depot at Cale Lane, Wigan. WN2 1HB.

The strike by members of  the Bakers, Food and Allied workers Union (BFAWU)  is
against the use of zero hours contracts and for security of employment.

We attach pictures from Saturday's excellent march and rally in the town.

We call on all trade unionists to support these workers in there struggle against no hours contracts. Three of them were arrested on the picket line at 4am this morning two of them women. One of these was
assaulted by the police protecting scab labour.

They need your physical and financial support, but most of all they
request every body to boycott all HOVIS products and pass this on to
all contacts across the UK."

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