Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Postal Workers' Reject Privatisation

POSTAL workers have said no to privatisation in a consultative ballot, and now a prolonged industrial conflict may follow.  The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced the results of a national consultative ballot of 112,000 postal workers asking the following questions: 
Do you oppose the privatisation of Royal Mail? YES 96%

Do you support the boycott of competitors mail? YES 92%

Do you support the CWU Pay claim? YES 99%

Do you support the policy of non-cooperation? YES 92% 
(The Ballot papers were collected, counted and verified by the independent scrutineer Popularis). 

Bristol Area CWU Official David Wilshire said:
'The workforce does not support the government or Royal Mail on selling the company. The company is flourishing in public ownership as the recent doubling of profit proves.' 

David went on to say:
'Postal workers are not going to sacrifice their souls for a so-called 10% stake when they know their jobs’ pensions and conditions are once again under threat. It’s time for serious national negotiations to find a solution that can really align the interests of all parties. If this cannot be found then prolonged industrial conflict looks inevitable.' 

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