Thursday, 27 June 2013

George Ferguson's Ideas for Bristol

BRISTOL MAYOR, George Ferguson, has had high praise from the media and even enlightened anarchists for the way he has handled his last few months in office. George Ferguson was the dignitory who was urged to attend the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair earlier this year, and was doused in coffee by someone.  The organisers of the bookfair asked the culprit to leave, and seemingly apologised to George.  It seems that he always said he would not hide away in City Hall and he has been as good as his word.

Recently he issued his vision for Bristol for the next 5 years, and one local journal, the Bristol Post, encourages us to read it saying:  'He is a real visionary, an architect for a new look Bristol.

This report continues to praise him arguing 'His description of a remodelled Temple Meads and Brunel Mile complete with poets' quarter is inspiring. As are his hopes for a new Dutch House and acquiring the title of "water city".'

The report adds: 
'In what are challenging economic times he shone a positive light into the distance.  He accepts he may not be able to promise all of these things he mentioned but he has at least imagined a brighter future and given us all cause for hope.'

Mr. Ferguson said:
'We are still in the very early stages in terms of planning but we have been talking to various organisations. Like everything at the moment, this is just an experiment but if it is successful then we would be looking at making it a permanent feature.  The original idea was to launch the scheme during the Big Green Weekend in June and then take it from there.  This would be about creating an atmosphere in the city centre, rather than just banning cars.  What we want is for people to come into the city and enjoy themselves.  They have been doing something similar in Bordeaux for several years and it has proved to be a huge success. Bordeaux on a Sunday is a fantastic place to be and it would be great if we could recreate that fantastic atmosphere.  Sundays in this country have become the same as any other working day and what we want to do is try and create something a little bit different.'

Last Sunday the scheme was first put into practice on the streets of Bristol.
We must await with interest the outcome.
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