Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blacklist News for June

1. Panorama TV documentary
Monday 10th June - 8:30pm BBC1

30 minute prime time TV on blacklisting past and present - Blacklist Support Group were heavily involved in the programme, supplying many of the interviewees and background information.

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2. GMB launch High Court claim for blacklisting against Carillion.

Dirk McPherson interviewed by the BBC

video footage of GMB blacklisting debate:  (starts 13 mins)

3. Unite Crossrail dispute - some great stuff all across Europe this week

Crossrail protests this week:


THURSDAY (6th June) 4:30pm - 6pm

Business in the Community Awards
Caledonian Hotel
Princes Street
EH1 2AD.

Amey have won awards last 2 year's running so we'll be giving them a welcome.


THURSDAY (6th June) 3-4pm

201 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3AE.

This is for escalation on BAM RE Regent's Quarter in Kings Cross development

Motion at Trades Council conference:

4. Health & Safety Lobby of parliament

Tuesday 11th June

11am - Trafalgar Square

1-3pm House of Commons - Committee Room 14

5. Book Launch - "Safe at Work ? Ramazzini versus the attack on H&S” by Dave Putson

Monday 24th June 6.30pm
96-100 Clifton Street,

Blacklisted workers: Frank Morris and Tony O'Brien among the speakers.
6. Blacklisting workshop at NSSN 7th Annual Conference led by blacklisted workers

11am-5pm, Saturday June 29th, Camden Centre, Judd Street, London, WC1H 9JE

7. Blacklisting workshop at Marxism Festival - How can we break the Blacklist?

7pm - Sat 13 July

Elvin Hall, Institute of Education
Confirmed Speakers:
Michael Meacher MP

David Renton (barrister representing Frank Morris & Dave Smith)

Frank Morris & Dave Smith

Blacklist Support Group




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