Thursday, 14 March 2013

Steve Acheson Remedies' Result Against BMS

STEVE Acheson got a result on Tuesday at his Remedies Hearing against the agency British Management Services (BMS) at the Manchester Employment Tribunal.  This case relates to the campaign he has been involved in at the Fiddlers Ferry power station for over five years.  It involved a period between 2008 and December 2009, when electricians were working on the site and Mr. Acheson claims he was a victim of blacklisting owing to his history of trade union activities.  For the greater part of this period, it was argued by the claimant's barrister, that because of the extent of his work experience Steve would have been promoted to a Grade 6 position. 

The award was as follows:
£3,000.00 for injury to feelings.
£3,689.25 for the first period of Mr. Acheson's employment as a Grade 5 electrician.
£8,539.20 for the second period of employment as a Grade 6 electrician (chargehand)
Total =  £15,228.45 - £3,500 already paid to Mr. Acheson by the company Lindhurst.
Thus leaving Steve with the grand total of £11,728.45.

The barrister for Mr. Acheson, Nick Tongue, said that under the circumstances he considered it a better than expected settlement.  However, Mr Acheson told Northern Voices that he was disappointed and claimed he could have earned £28,000 had he not been 'victimised' at Fiddlers Ferry.  Steve Acheson told the 'Voices' he now feared that his home may now be at risk of 'repossesion'.  The Blacklist Support Group in a recent notice has announced that a benefit will be held on Friday 22nd March at 7pm at

The Saffron Eastern cuisine,
The Old Town Hall,
107 Cheetham Hill Road,
M8 8PY

Tickets £20.00 or £12 concessionaires
Food included
Entertainment and speeches
Bring own beer.

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