Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blacklist Support Group Backs Steve Acheson

LAST Saturday, the Blacklist Support Group AGM unanimously agreed to support the financial appeal launched in defence of Steve Acheson, the leading campaigner against blacklisting over the past decade.
Despite winning successive Employment Tribunals against blacklisting firms; repeated dismissals and periods of unemployment means that Steve has only drawn 16 pay packets in the past 4 years. Steve's mortgage is due later this year and there is a chance that he could lose his house. We are not going to allow that to happen.
An appeal has been launched supported by Bob Crow and John McDonnell MP.
We appeal to all our supporters to take this attached flyer to your union branch and donate to the fund
Send cheques payable to 'Fiddlers Ferry Hardship Fund' c/o Warrington Trade Union Council, 6 Red Gables, Pepper Street, Warrington WA4 4SB
in solidarity
Blacklist Support Group

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