About us

The last printed version of Northern Voices was published in 2015.  The issue NV15 was the last one, and it was the weekend of the Durham Miner's Gala in 2015 that Jim Petty, our Treasurer, died thus making it difficult for us to continue.

Northern Voices, tries to be a twice yearly, humourously insulting magazine, that is satirical, cultural, and political, and which aims to challenge the establishment in a thought provoking and interesting way that appeals to our readers throughout the North of England. 
N.V. sells at a number of venues throughout the North of England, including the Cornerhouse bookshop on Oxford Road, Manchester; the People's History Museum in Manchester; the Touchstones Museum in Rochdale;  Gallery Ten in Rochdale;  Bookcase in Hebden Bridge; on the market at Ashton-under-Lyne; as well as at Bookmarks in London; Freedom Bookshop in Angel Alley in Whitechapple, in London's East End; at Houseman's Bookshop near Kings Cross and the Hydra Bookshop in Bristol.

When Northern Voices was founded fourteen years ago at a meeting in The Buffet Bar on the Stalybridge Station in Greater Manchester, it was decided we would produce a regional publication dedicated to local news and cultural issues in the North of England.  The editorial in the first issue began with a quote from Ray Monk's biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein:
'We do not ... need to consider imaginary wild tribes to find examples of people with a world picture fundamentally different from our own.' 
Here Ray Monk no doubt had in mind what Wittgenstein had said: 'Hegel seems to me to be always wanting to say that things which look different are really the same ... Whereas my interest is in showing that things which look the same are really different.'

At that time we wrote: 'Northern Voices' editors seek to find variety and differences within our local northern communities at street-corner level.  We do not seek easy generalisations and simple minded explanations, which so often lead to hole-in-corner ideas and solutions.'

Since then we have tackled a wide variety of news stories, cultural events, political scandals, and items of interest to northerners.  In doing so we have built up a readership outside the narrow confines of what has been called the political left to embrace a more general northern constituency.

This weblog aims to establish a web presence for Northern Voices. It will feature some current and past articles from the printed journal, as well as things that don't quite fit in the magazine - both for editorial and technological reasons.

Details about the current issue of Northern Voices can be found here. We also have a group on Northern Indymedia here, as well as both a group and a fan page on facebook. Plus, you can always contact us at our email address, northernvoices@hotmail.com

If you would like to write for Northern Voices, please get in touch:  northernvoices@hotmail.com