Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Snoopers' Charter & 38 Degrees team

Dear Brian,

THE government has made a law that forces companies to spy on us. It means information is stored about our telephone calls and text messages - whether we like it or not. [1] But courts have ruled that the law - known as the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ - is actually illegal. [2]

It looks like the government is trying to avoid making the right changes to the law. [3] To delay things, they’ve launched a public consultation to get the public’s opinion on what to do. [4]
The consultation closes in 24 hours time. This gives us the chance to tell the government to stop forcing companies to spy on us. If thousands of us sign the petition now - telling them to listen to the court and change the Snoopers’ Charter - the public outcry could force them to listen.
We’ve not got long, Brian. Will you sign the petition now? It will be handed straight to the consultation before it closes in 24 hours time:

The law was designed to help fight crime and terrorism. [5] Gathering and storing data about serious criminal activity means that the police can do their jobs better. But right now the Snooper's Charter let’s all sorts of people access all kinds of information about the calls, messages, and texts we make, whether there is any good reason to or not. [6]

The courts want the government to strengthen the rules around when our private information can be seen. [7] They also want changes put in place so we have a right to know when someone's accessed our personal data. [8] It’d be a step towards making sure our privacy is protected and the government and private companies have less power to spy on us.
We need to move fast Brian. If you want to stop the government and private companies spying on us unchecked, sign the petition now:

Thanks for being involved,

Holly, Megan, Bex, Cathy and the 38 Degrees team

PS: It’s not often that the government consults the public on issues that have been decided by a court ruling. [9] But it looks like they are trying to water down the proposed amendments. So, Brian will you sign the petition to make sure they change the law and protect our privacy now? https://38d.gs/sign-the-snoopers-charter-petition

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