Sunday, 7 January 2018

Letter to NV!

Dear Northern Voices

I really enjoyed the "tone" of the Kieran Quinn piece from the 6th! I worked for Tameside Council for some years and lived up the road in Ducky when Roy Oldham ruled with something of a rod of iron with cronyism being the main rule of the day and the council being managed like a personal fiefdom! When I moved darn sarf to Bedford I unfortunately that its the same all over with Councillors getting elected and then pushing to the surface ensuring that they are never deselected, several Labour Councillors have been propping up a Lib Dem Mayor for close on 8 years now in exchange for in one case £27,000 in allowances and expenses! (p.s. we left Bedford in 2015 on the off chance that we might get better jobs!)

Also saddened to read that Peter Good featured in a blog about the Manchester Bookfair (in a negative light) Peter was always very irritated that I enjoyed Northern Voices and doesn't speak to me now as I expressed my utter delight that I didn't attend the London Bookfair! I dare say that as he sponsored the Manchester event and I think the forthcoming Liverpool one this gives him a say in who can and can't come in! Mmmm! I've said before Brian Bamfords article as regards Bob Miller was inappropriate and offensive however I don't agree in the way the issue has been allowed to fester into violence and exclusions ! 

Nick Heath came to Norwich mid 2016 to rally the locals behind the banner of the Anarchist Federation A very aggressive individual who doesn't like his authority being questioned and in line with several Northern Voices comments I really do wonder exactly how many members the Anarchist Federation and the Solidarity Federation actually have and all it does is reaffirm my view that as soon as you join up, pay your subs and so on you are on a road to nowhere! 



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