Monday, 8 January 2018

Blacklist Bosses Named!

Names named by Alan Wainwright before the Scottish Affairs Select Committee:

IN his evidence the 'deep throat of the blacklist' Alan Wainwright named the following people as involved in the operation of the blacklist:
  • Frank Duggan: group personnel director for Carillion plc
  • Kevin Gorman: former human resources manager for Carillion’s Crown House division, now human resources director for Bristow offshore helicopters
  • Liz Keates: head of human resouces at Carillion
  • Sandy Palmer: NCS (Carillion’s in-house employment agency)
  • Dave Aspinall: NCS (Carillion’s in-house employment agency)
  • John Ball: head of human resources at Carillion
  • Roger Robinson and Brian Tock: two managing directors of Crown House, both of whom discussed the Consulting Association blacklist with Alan Wainwright
  • Sheila Knight: Emcor Drake & Scull, who circulated lists of workers on Pfizers, Royal Opera House and Jubilee Line among senior managers with other firms
  • Michael Aird: Balfour Kilpatrick
  • Prue Jackson: personnel director of Hayden Young
  • David Brinckley: Hayden Young 

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