Friday, 9 June 2017

Rochdale Election Result:

 Tony Lloyd - Labour 29,035
Jane Howard - Conservative 14,216
Andy Kelly - Liberal Democrat 4,027
Christopher Baksa - UKIP 1,641
Simon Danczuk - Independent 883
Andy Littlewood - Greater Manchester Homeless Voice 242

ROCHDALE ONLINE report at the election count:
 'Rejected by Labour as its candidate, Danczuk [Rochdale's former MP] was well and truly rejected by the electorate of Rochdale attracting an embarrassing 1.76% of the votes cast - losing him his deposit.

'Rubbing salt into Danczuk's monumental ego, his attempt to cost Labour's Tony Lloyd the seat with a despicable smear campaign backfired as Mr Lloyd won with the largest majority ever recorded in the constituency.

'Churlish to the very end, Danczuk refused to be interviewed and stormed out of the count hours before the result when it quickly became obvious he had failed in a quite spectacular fashion.

'The people of Rochdale can now rejoice that Danczuk is finally history, no more sex scandals, no more expenses scandals, no more milking the system for every penny he can get, no more lurid headlines in the national media dragging Rochdale through the mud time and time again.'

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