Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Comment on Austerity!

  from Clive Jones

Austerity (definition):  A situation in which there is not much money and it is spent only on things that are necessary.
It is not sustainable and leads to a Catch22 situation if a sustained practice of austerity is attempted. 
i.e. if sustained cuts in policing are attempted, the control of crime is compromised and crime rises, societies' costs rise, quality of life falls and public apathy and intolerence rise.  Resulting in changed political views which affect voting results locally and nationally. In a nutshell society is poorer which is resented.
This dilemma cascades across all public services, NHS, local government, all public and private services.
Government then tends to become more remote by slowing democratic processes by using political instruments and parliamentary acts, to move partial or complete responsibility and introduce more cost or delay public access.
So much energy and economic growth is wasted in this process it damages the economic outlook and public enthusiasm for the real need which is economic growth and social progress. 
This is of course caused by people in authority not being team players at all or having anything but self-worth as their prime consideration or target.  Also having too much reliance on spin doctors to provide scripts for things not necessarily understood but make the right noises or sound bites.
A skill check across the House of Commons might indeed be revealing.


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