Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rochdale Election: Careerism vs Moral Compass

YESTERDAY, Rochdale Online editor gave his carefully calibrated opinion on the candidates in the  Rochdale election concluding with the controversal former MP, Simon Danczuk:
'We end with the most controversial candidate, the disgraced former MP Simon Danczuk, standing as an Independent - a man who has shown himself to be wholly unsuited to be an MP will fail to muster anything like the number of votes he expects. Not so low as to lose his deposit, as his many detractors are hoping, but low enough to deal his ego a blow.'
Mr. Danczuk, it will be remembered, increased his majority in the 2015 General Election and at that time the Manchester Evening News reported:
'Simon Danczuk held on to Rochdale for Labour - scooping the biggest majority ever seen in the constituency. 
'He polled 20,961, ahead of second-placed UKIP candidate Masud Mohammed, who claimed 8,519 votes.
'Conservative challenger Azi Ahmed came in third with 7,742 votes, followed by Liberal Democrat Andy Kelly with 4,667.'
It will also be remembered that in the May 1979 General Election, Cyril Smith increased his majority just after he'd been 'outed' as a bully and child abuser at Cambridge House in Rochdale's Alternative Paper (RAP)
As a consequence of this perverse result one of the editors of RAP, later told me that he departed Rochdale forever, in disgust.
Every country has the government it deserves. Joseph de Maistre
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As Joseph de Maistre said:  'Every country gets the government it deserves'.
Every country has the government it deserves.
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Perhaps every town like Rochdale, gets the MP it deserves!
The editor of Rochdale Online, himself reported to be a member of the Labour Party, wrote approvingly of Tony Lloyd the Labour candidate:
'Whilst he will not reach the lofty heights of the local Labour vote at the last general election (which was inflated by the Lib Dem collapse locally and nationally), Mr Lloyd's message of experience and a safe pair of hands still looks set to give him a reasonable majority.'
Hence, Rochdale may end up exchanging a degenerate form of politics with the colourful Mr. Danczuk for a 'safe' dyed-in-the-wool careerist in Mr. Lloyd.
If we were looking for moral compass we would have to casr our eyes elsewhere:  perhaps to  the outsider Andy Littlewood, standing as the 'Greater Manchester Homeless Voice' candidate or Andy Kelly, the Liberal Democrat, who almost single-handedly opposed the generous rises in councillor's allowances last December.

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