Monday, 4 April 2016

Some Consequences of Bin Collection Cuts

Letter to the Rochdale Observer; published 2nd, April 2016:
28th, March 2016.
Dear Editor,
The news that the number of bin complaints in Rochdale have nearly doubled in the three months since three-weekly bin collections began last October, ought not to come as a surprise (see Rochdale Ob. Sat. 26th, March 2016).    Over a year ago my Bury Unite Commercial Branch predicted that there would be an increased in missed bins owing to overflowing bins with raised bin lids, and that there would be rise in side waste and fly-tipping. 
This kind of thing is happening throughout Greater Manchester; two weeks ago in the Heywood Advertiser (10th, March 2016) there were reports of residents calling for a ‘clampdown’ on fly-tipping in Heywood , and in the Bury Times earlier this year there was coverage of a Freedom of Information request from me which showed that complaints about vermin in Bury had increased by 18.16% in the first year of three-weekly collections by Bury MBC up to November 2015.  Bury MBC being the pioneer council in cutting bin collections of non-recyclable material.
In Bury, the council has blamed the public for failing to dispose of their rubbish properly, but at a full Rochdale council meeting earlier this year Councillor Peter Rush complained that the public were slow at grasping the process of recycling, and that he hoped that the younger generation would educate their parents in good environmental practice.   Despite these troubles the Rochdale Council bosses are still claiming '[t]he new bin collection service has been a great success'.
Yours sincerely,
Brian Bamford:  Secretary of Bury Unite Commercial Branch North West 353.

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