Thursday, 7 April 2016

Bahrain activist released after online campaign!

You may remember Mahdi Abu Dheeb (pictured), the leader of the Bahrain Teachers Association, jailed for his work promoting human rights in his country.

Back in October 2012, at the request of the Education International, we launched an online campaign demanding that Mahdi be released, and that his colleague Ms Jalila al-Salman also be freed.  Jalila was released in November 2012 but Mahdi remained in prison.

He has now been freed.  Here's a report on the website of the Education International.

This is a good moment to turn our thoughts to Esmail Abdi, also a teacher trade unionist, also jailed by a repressive regime in Iran.  Please help us demand his release and support the campaign.

A third jailed teacher trade unionist who needs our support is Dr Miguel Ángel Beltrán in Colombia and we're running a campaign demanding his release too -please click here.

Mahdi is now free -- and let us hope that Esmail and Miguel will soon be released as well.  Please spread the word about these campaigns, especially to teachers.   If thousands of us send messages, it will pressure the governments of Iran and Colombia and show our brothers that they are not alone.

Finally, the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF), together with the Pesticide Action Network, has launched a major online campaign calling on the European Union to ban the dangerous herbicide known as glyphosate.  Please take a moment to learn more and support the campaign - click here.

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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