Friday, 13 November 2015

The Sun & Police Horses

by Martin S. Gilbert
THE   SUN  Saturday 7th Nov., front page reporting vile anti-capitalist anarchists injure police and horses.  Photo of them masked about to throw stuff.  Inside page more of the same with names of (alleged) police horses injured.   This event had all the marks of cop-infiltrators. Our widespread anger continues.  But no national discussion among anarchists about complimentary actions in different places.  Nothing  to make the impact of short term alliances with  broad based coalitions and specific aims.  Best example of that in recent years have been our contributions to the OCCUPY
movement in different places around the world.  

Preparation for arrest is only part of planning needed to make maximum effect.  Having a thought about how our actions will be interpreted by millions is more important.  It may be noble to lay yourself on the State’s sacrificial alter but only when time and place are right for us.  Thought must also be given to 'first-timers' of any age who may be deterred from ever doing stuff with us again.   In non violent direct actions those wanting arrest must be kept separate from those who do not want such outcome.  

Newcomers need to listen to 'old-hands' about what is likely to happen.  Lancaster OCCUPY showed a good example of that process.  Less chance then of ignorance about well-reported cops embedded with eco groups.  Anti-Frackers found such provoking agents hard to spot.  These police-plants on occasions make themselves visible to old-hands.  Give-away signs: contempt for the cautious or those like my friends.  

I describe 'my friends', as Derek, Brian, Laurens, Barry, Chris and others as 'gentle old anarchists'.  We are the dangerous ones who have some grasp of strategy and tactics to subvert the State.   We encourage our working methods with friends and neighbours:- non hierarchical discussion, horizontal organization and non exploitative relationships. 

Expect no such critique from those misusing our resources  in London.  Those in our book shop and its building will condemn me as a cowardly middle class pacifist.  
martin  s.  gilbert   11.11.’15   

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