Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Corbyn and Trident Renewal

JEREMY Corbyn Vice President of CND is facing a circle which he cannot square.    He wears a red poppy at PMQs in the House of Commons and his apparent reluctance to wear a white poppy is inconsistent with his continuing role in CND.    What is even worse is his failure to take on the nuclearphiles at the Labour Party Conference.    It now transpires that a National Policy Forum       Report Agenda 2015. Britains Global Role  passed.    Hidden away on page 122 of a report of over 200 pages was the following:
'We are committed to a minimum,credible, independent nuclear deterrent delivered through a continuous At-Sea Deterrent.'    I
n another section Enhancing NATO (sic)  it states:
'NATO remains the cornerstone of our defence policy and Labour will continue to press for financial investment in NATO.'

In the past Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned for British Withdrawal from NATO which is a nuclear alliance with a 'first strike' policy.   What is his position now?   He is conspicuous by his silence on this issue.  Pledges not to press the nuclear button are fatuous if Britain remains in NATO.

All those socialists and peace campaigners who voted for Corbyn for the labour leadership need to address these issues. In all conscience can he continue to lead a party in which the great majority of Labour Shadow Ministers and MPS are likely to vote for Trident renewal?

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